ViaCon® produce following helically corrugated steel pipes:

  • HelCor®                               -   Pipes with circular cross-section
  • HelCor® PipeArch®       -    PipeArch 
  • HelCor® Arch-Profil     -   Arch-profiles with semicircular cross section
Circular cross-section
Semi-circular cross-section

HelCor® pipes are primarily used for the following applications:

  • roads and railway culverts
  • underground passages
  • ecological passages
  • hydro technical structures
  • relining of existing old structures
  • ventilation System


The enormous advantages of the application from HelCor®:

  • Installation time is much shorter
  • Because of the rapid execution is the building time much shorter as for concrete construction.
  • A easy coupling system allows the greatest lengths
  • The result is a reduction of the construction costs.


Steel is delivered in coils or with a protection coating in accordance to Standards:

  • 600g/m² zinc coating both sides, equivalent to 300g/m² and a zinc coating thickness of 42µm on each side
  • 1000g/m² zinc coating both sides, equivalent to 500g/m² and a zink coating thickness of 70 µm on each side
  • 600g/m² zinc coating both sides, equivalent to 300g/m² and a zink coating thickness of 42µm on each side, with an additional 250µm polymer coating on one or both sides = Trenchcoat. This additional polymer coating allow a considerably longer service life than is possible with only zinc coating pipes


HelCor are produced from steel strips depending to the span, load and purpose with 1,5 to 4,0mm in two types of corrugation. The standard lengths of HelCor pipes are 6, 7 und 8m, however the production process allows the manufacturing of any length of pipe.  HelCor® pipes are produced from Diameter ranging from DN 300 to DN 3600.

Corrugated profile:

HelCor® PipeArch®

HelCor® PipeArch® are produced through controlled mechanical deformation of HelCor® pipes with the use of hydraulic jacks. The Standard lengths of HelCor® PipeArch® are 6m. In order to obtain the designed length of the pipe, several segments are joined with coupling bands.

Coupling band:

The coupling bands are made out of flat or corrugated steel. Depending on the diameter and purpose of the pipe, different types and widths of coupling bands are used.

Typ 1
Typ 2
Typ 3
Typ 4

Typ 1: flat connected by bolts - für Rohre mit einem Durchmesser von 300-1400mm

Typ 2: helically corrugated connected by bolts - for diameters 300-3600mm

Typ 3: helically corrugated connected by bolts in tubes (e.g.: for relining)

Typ 4: annular corrugated for connection of pipes with re-corrugated ends